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While we never know for sure, there are some indications that it looks like it’s going to be a long winter! Pantheon wanted to remind everyone of our Winter Closure Policy. While safety is always our number one concern, our hope is to provide some better flexibility for residential providers and families who are the most disrupted by weather closures.


Pantheon will continue to post closures for both the Nashotah Campus and New Berlin Work Center on local news stations, namely WTMJ 4 & Fox 6. A decision is typically made and posted by 6:00am.


There may be times where some area school districts are closed and Pantheon remains open. While school closings do factor into our decision making process, there are other factors (such as our door to door service versus their point of pickup model) that also merit consideration.


Effective immediately, Pantheon will make the following determinations for winter weather:


   · Pantheon Closed

               ~ Severe weather- no sites will be open

   · Pantheon 1 Hour Delay

               ~ Pantheon has determined to wait for road conditions to improve before sending out                      vehicles

               ~ Doors will open at 8am

               ~ Work day will end at 2:00pm as usual

   · Pantheon – No Transportation*

               ~ Pantheon is open

               ~ Pantheon is NOT sending out vehicles to transport workers

               ~ Residential Providers and families are encouraged to make their own determination                     about local road conditions and transport workers to and from the site if desired.

               ~ Drop off starts at 8am, but are welcome to arrive whenever convenient.

         *This is a company-wide decision based on the full range of road conditions in

             Waukesha County.



    If Pantheon is Not Posted by 6:30am

                ~ Pantheon is OPEN

                ~ Pantheon is sending out vehicles

                ~ Follow regular procedures for calling out if a worker is not going to attend.

                                 - New Berlin – Lisa 262-468-6950

                                 - Nashotah – Steve – 262-468-7929



We hope these new procedures allow for families and residential staff to manage their varied responsibilities with increased flexibility in the months to come.


Should you have any questions, please contact our Main office at 262-567-2133.





Erik Martin, Director of Operations

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Pantheon Industries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which strives to help individuals with disabilities achieve their full potential through a variety of employment opportunities. We believe that in meaningful work lies dignity and self-worth which is why we emphasize possibilities over limitations.


The mission of Pantheon Industries is to provide a full spectrum of opportunities for individuals with disabilities. We believe that all individuals, regardless of ability level, have the right to participate in meaningful employment.

A strong work ethic is a difficult trait to teach. For Erin, hard work and perseverance come naturally.


A big movie fan since childhood, Erin dreamed of working in a theater but worried his disability would stand in the way. He could have viewed his disability as an insurmountable obstacle and just given up. However, Erin met the challenge head-on and got his wish:  a permanent job in the kitchen of the newly built Majestic Theater. 

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