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up to 40% of net sales


Spirit Wear


  • Fundraising

  • Groups/Schools

  • Organizations

  • Events


Are you looking to raise extra cash for an event? Why not use Pantheon Industries fundraising expertise?


Why choose Pantheon Screen Printing?


  • Pantheon Screen Printing is a division of Pantheon Industries, which employs individuals with disabilities.

  • Every purchase made helps these individuals earn an income.



For more information about Pantheon Screen Printing please contact:


Lisa VanMersbergen

P: (262) 567-2133 ext. 2466

F: (262) 782-1322


If you're ready to get started, please download, fill out, and email or fax the form back. We are looking forward to working with you on your project!

Let Team Pantheon be your organization's fundraising experts!

Sponsoring an event with Pantheon provides vocational opportunities for individuals with disabilities AND your organization will receive up to 40% of the net sales!

For more information on Pantheon Industries' Promotional & Fundraising Services, please contact:


New Berlin:


Lisa VanMersbergen

Marketing Assistant

(262) 567-2133 ext. 2466

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