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up to 40% of net sales


Spirit Wear


  • Fundraising

  • Groups/Schools

  • Organizations

  • Events


Are you looking to raise extra cash for an event? Why not use Pantheon Industries fundraising expertise?


Why choose Pantheon Candles?


  • Pantheon Candles is a division of Pantheon Industries, which employs individuals with disabilities.

  • Every purchase made helps these individuals earn an income.

  • Candles are among the most popular items for fundraising.

  • We use only the finest jars, ingredients and scents.

  • Our strong, yet not overpowering, scents make these candles ideal for   anywhere in the house.

  • Long lasting wax and even-burning wicks will allow you to enjoy them for months to come.

  • Candles make great gifts for the holidays and other special occasions.


How Your Organization Benefits:


  • Your organization receives up to 40% of the net sales on all candles sold.

  • We work extensively with your organization to ensure that your needs and goals are met.

  • We deliver your candles within 5 weeks of the orders being placed.


For more information about Pantheon Candles please contact:


Lisa VanMersbergen

P: (262) 567-2133 ext. 2466

F: (262) 782-1322


If you're ready to get started, please download, fill out, and email or fax the form back. We are looking forward to making your fundraising experience a great one!

Let Team Pantheon be your organization's fundraising experts!

Sponsoring an event with Pantheon provides vocational opportunities for individuals with disabilities AND your organization will receive up to 40% of the net sales!

For more information on Pantheon Industries' Promotional & Fundraising Services, please contact:


New Berlin:


Lisa VanMersbergen

Marketing Assistant

(262) 567-2133 ext. 2466

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