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As the temperature drops and winter approaches, we wanted to take this opportunity to provide an update on how Pantheon is navigating the current pandemic along with soliciting your ongoing support as we prepare for upcoming challenges.


Pantheon has continued to develop, update and implement its proactive infection control protocols throughout this pandemic based on guidance from the State Department of Health, CDC and industry best practices. Thus far, we are proud to say we have not seen any community spread within any of our programs, and our aggressive quarantine approach has minimized the impact of individuals who may have come into contact with COVID-19 outside of our facilities. 


We continue to utilize masks, social distancing and germicidal UV lighting to create as safe a work environment as possible. Today, we are asking your help to reduce the potential for COVID-19 exposures originating outside of Pantheon.


As we approach the holiday season, Wisconsin has become one of the current “hot spots” for COVID-19 in the entire nation. The daily positive testing rates, transmission rates and hospitalization rates are at an all-time high.  We ask you to please keep the following in mind for yourself, your loved one who may attend Pantheon and anyone who may come into their personal exposure circle:

  • Try to keep the personal exposure circle (outside of work) as small as possible. This means avoiding direct exposures (more than 15 minutes within six feet) of anyone whenever possible.   

  • Dr. Fauci and the CDC consider indoor gatherings with people outside of the immediate family (those you live with) to be “high risk activities”. The risk is amplified if people are traveling to attend the gathering. 

  • Discuss the activities of those in you or your loved one’s personal exposure circle if you feel they are unnecessarily enhancing their level of risk. 

  • Please continue to socially distance and wear masks when out of the home, along with good hygiene practices.  


We understand the advice regarding family gatherings is difficult during the holiday season.  We do ask you to consider the safety of Pantheon’s clients, co-workers and staff as you decide what activities (and inherent risks) you and your loved ones are willing to engage in. 

If a client has engaged in activities that may pose an elevated risk, we ask for you to please consider a self-imposed quarantine period prior to their return to programming at Pantheon. If a family member or roommate is sick, or the client is not feeling well, or visited someone who is now feeling sick- please refrain having them participate in programming at Pantheon until a quarantine period has been completed.

It is our goal to continue to provide safe programming for all we serve. With your continued support and understanding, we can all feel confident that we are taking all possible measures to do so. 

Thanks again, and stay safe!


Erik Martin          Operations Director

Rick Block            Executive Director

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Any charitable contribution will help all of the programs at Pantheon Industries, and the clients we serve. 


Thank you for supporting us with your kindness!





Pantheon Industries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which strives to help individuals with disabilities achieve their full potential through a variety of employment opportunities. We believe that in meaningful work lies dignity and self-worth which is why we emphasize possibilities over limitations.


The mission of Pantheon Industries is to provide a full spectrum of opportunities for individuals with disabilities. We believe that all individuals, regardless of ability level, have the right to participate in meaningful employment.

A strong work ethic is a difficult trait to teach. For Erin, hard work and perseverance come naturally.


A big movie fan since childhood, Erin dreamed of working in a theater but worried his disability would stand in the way. He could have viewed his disability as an insurmountable obstacle and just given up. However, Erin met the challenge head-on and got his wish:  a permanent job in the kitchen of the newly built Majestic Theater. 

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